Home: exhausted and happy

Sorrento: some of these designs are over 1000 years old

Me in the cloisters at the Monte Cassino Abbey

Tony in the lobby of our hotel in Dubai

We attended an American memorial service at St Angelo.

We’re home – what a trip! It was incredible, but exhausting too. We had such fun; it as a very late honeymoon and a somewhat early Silver Wedding present.

We got back Tuesday night, I went to work Wednesday and had the paper done by Sunday morning. Now I need to relax for a few days and let all the information percolate in my head for a bit. In the meantime, these are a few random photos from amongst the many hundreds we took.

3 thoughts on “Home: exhausted and happy

  1. Welcome back Cath. We received the postcard – prettiest one we have got for a while and it is on the fridge. Looking forward to hearing about it in in the weeks to come. Hope that it was as good as you wanted it to be! Or better.


  2. Welcome back, Cath!
    Loved seeing you and Tony on your trip. Knowing you had a fabulous time, and I’ll be eager to read all about it. Post more photos too,,,always love seeing places I’ll likely never go.
    Glad you could!


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