Starting on 56 6×6″ canvases

As part of my deal with shareholders in the trip we made to Italy for the LEGATO exhibition, I now have to make 56 6×6″ paintings. They all have their newsletter with its full colour photos, so that’s a good job done. I want the works to all be individual but at the same time do not want to create unnecessary work for myself. My intention is to work on the paintings in batches, probably six at a time. I have ideas for the first 3 or 4 batches and am mulling over the rest, making notes as I go. The first batch, which I am going to start on later today, involve digital art printed out on rice paper, glued down with gel medium and then worked over with more collage and probably some oil pastels.

Below is the digital work I have done so far. It’s made up of four photos initially. Then I have taken a photo of some poppies in the field and removed all the background so I have a field of floating poppies. I have layered this over the original digital collage for a sort of dreamy surreal effect. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when I start adding a few more collaged poppies over the top, then working in with the oil pastels.

5 thoughts on “Starting on 56 6×6″ canvases

  1. It’s looking great Cath! The poppies “floating” above the image are powerful and evocative. I read the “dreamy surreal” as the passing of time in two ways: the rush of modern life around the peaceful calm where the fallen soldiers rest, and the blurring of memories as time and age shifts our perspective. Michael Shepherd said it so well, and I quote him here:

    It will be interesting to see how your art work on this theme changes now that you have been in the footsteps of the soldiers and possibly have an emotional connection to the place as well as the history.

    Tanti auguri!


  2. You are very clever with your digital work – love how you make the poppies float. I have never mastered Photoshop (despite going to classes!)


  3. i like that you show the photo of the poppies in “before” fashion–in your collage, they give me the feeling of gently falling leaves or snow 🙂 very peaceful!


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