Collecting other artists works

As an artist I love seeing other people’s work, and believe we should support each other. One way to support each other is through networks such as the NZ Art Guild, and on social networks like Facebook. Another way is to purchase other artists work if you have the means. I’ve limited funds to put towards artwork, and am very particular about what I buy. I made a decision a long time ago that I would rather have more works by less artists than a whole load of works by different people and I have stuck to that ideal. It hasn’t always worked; one artist I started to collect simply dropped out of the art scene for quite a time. They’re back now but I am not sure if they’re in it for the long haul…

Mixed-media artist Tanya Dann lives in the South Island where she is a doing her Masters in Forensic Textiles. She is an Admin Assistant for the NZ Art Guild and has a Certificate in Creative Studies. Anyway, I have enjoyed Tanya Dann’s work for two or three years now but had not bought a piece. Money, other commitments – all the usual reasons. Recently Tanya organised an exhibition in Dunedin that I sent some works too. My paintings didn’t sell and after the exhibition closed Tanya emailed me to ask if I would be interested in doing a swap. One of the pieces I had sent down was one she had commented on a  few times but could not afford to buy. Would I be interested? Heck yes!

So, I am now the proud owner of a Tanya Dann original and couldn’t be more pleased. I agonised over which one to choose. When it arrived and I opened the packaging I knew I had made the right decision. I haven’t hung it yet; we’re repainting my office soon and I’ll hang it once the room is finished. The work is titled ‘Layered’ and it’s in lovely greens, reds, browns and neutrals.  I think my office walls may end up off-white or cream so I can hang all my artworks. Now that I have one of Tanya’s pieces, I will add more over time.

Layered by Tanya Dann

For the record, the other artists whose works I collect are:

American born but London-based artist Tina Mammoser. Tina paints amazing works of the English seaside and has an ongoing project where she’s cycling round the British coast. I love her colours, and the feeling of depth she achieves.  I follow her blog because reading about her dedication to her work practice is very inspiring. Sadly the Kiwi dollar does not favour me buying work from the UK so I only have one piece at the moment but will definitely be adding to it. Maybe even this Christmas … Tony might like to buy me one? The piece shown is not the one I own but is similar enough to give you the idea.

The Boating Lake by Tina Mammoser

The other is American artist Martha Marshall whose blog I have been following for years now; I admire her passion for her art and generosity with sharing her knowledge. I started collected Martha’s work in 2006 and have 5 ACEOs and two slightly bigger pieces. Each time I buy an ACEO I get it framed exactly the same way so they all hang well together. Here are just two of them.

Framed ACEOs by Martha Marshall


One thought on “Collecting other artists works

  1. It was a pleasure to see the work you have collected and be introduced to new artists. Trades are a wonderful way to acquire work when funds are limited. Lately it is how I’m building my collection. I’m afraid I’ve limited my self to local acquisitions. You’ve inspired me to look further a field to extend my collection. I never think of using the internet for that purpose.


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