Crusade #43: Text Messaging

Michelle’s challenge for the month over at the GPP Street Team site was to use found text in a page. As always, I was keen to have a go – the Crusades are a good way of trying out new ideas, and being reminded of old ideas you haven’t used in a while. Sort of like digging into the bottom of the tool box…

As many of you will now, I have a busy life. My pages reflects my desire to be more organised so that I have more creative time, and more time with Tony. These are both goals that came out of our trip to Dubai and Italy. The steps I’ve taken so far have helped, but there’s a long way to go yet. So, here’s my Crusade entry for the month, which is a page in my art journal:

19 thoughts on “Crusade #43: Text Messaging

  1. The Crusades are a great prompt for me…. and I am loving work through them. A few years behind everyone else on some of them!!!!

    Love the texts you have used here…. and good luck with being more organised!


  2. Cath – love the bold type on the white page. Love that you created messages from found words. Love that you made a page that underlines your current convictions. I’m linked arm-in-arm with you for being more organized to make better use of my time. Thanks for sharing darling!


  3. I love the way the different messages make my eye wander over the page and see the different ideas that lead to the whole.

    I think I should put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on my study door…I get rather irritated when I am in the middle of rare flash of inspiration and my sweet man interrupts me!


  4. Oh how true that is; “like digging into the bottom of the tool box”, that is exactly the feeling I have too about the crusades sometimes though many times the crusade is something new to me never thought about before!

    Take care and cruise on girl!
    /fellow crusader


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