Where will your art be in 80 years?

This postcard was made in 1932 by someone local to Patea. I think it is a lovely image that exemplifies how people saw Patea at that time. The image was sent to me by Ron Hughes from the Tauranga Postcard Centre; he’s a lovely dealer who sends me images from time to time that he thinks the readers of our community newspaper might enjoy. This postcard was mailed to someone in Australia in the 1930s and Ron found the postcard in Uruguay.

When the artist created this postcard cover almost 80 years ago could they have imagined it would still be being viewed 8 decades later? Did they dream it would reach Australia, Uruguay and then end up back in New Zealand – but also be published in a newspaper and on the internet? I doubt it somehow, after all, the internet wasn’t even a distant dream then.

As you create work do you have an eye to the future? Do you think about people viewing your work 80 years from now, or publishing it to mass markets in ways we have not even thought of in 2010? Or do you create for now, for the love of it, and without an eye to the future?

I guess for me the answer is both. I create because I can / must. I create for the joy of it and because I’ve things I can only share with the world through art. I do think about who may see the work, and how it can be shared, but I don’t have a very long-term view. All I can say is that I try to create the works with quality materials that will last, and in ways which don’t in themselves damage the world for future generations (such as being careful with chemicals).


2 thoughts on “Where will your art be in 80 years?

  1. Beautiful post card, both the art and design of it, the stamp and the handwritten address. I have to say I hadnt thought much about the question you pose. Which is strange because my art is about looking back and considering others lives, Im surprised I havent thought of the future. I will mull that over.


  2. I love the postcard, like Veronica I hadn’t thought about the question you raised.

    I think I am just making for ‘me’ – I guess thats because I don’t consider myself an ‘artist’. It would be great to think that some of the things I’ve created would still be around in 80 years.

    Imagine people in a 100 years collecting antique ATC’s!!!

    You made me think about ephemera….. the stuff people could so easily has discarded and now I can’t get enough of it! Maybe my ‘art’ will be handed down through the generations!

    Thank you – you have made me THINK!

    For that matter – what about blogs!!!! Reading a 100 year old blog would be interesting!!!!


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