New artwork from Tanya Dann in my collection

Every year the NZ Art Guild organises an Art Swap amongst its members. Artists send in details of a work they are prepared to swap and these are loaded on to the website. Participants then choose the top three works they’d like, and the organiser spends hours figuring out how to make sure everyone gets a work that was at least in their top three choices – I suspect it’s quite a task. I entered one work this year – ‘a pink pear’ and hopes for a Tanya Dann work in return. I got my wish, and then Tanya and I did a deal which saw me get a new work, just for me, in my favorite colours; purple and orange. Awesome! I am just so happy with it. The colours are spectacular.

Have you ever thought about why owning original art is important? Have a look at this short piece by Kirsty Hall – I think she makes some good points.

A Pink Pear by Cath Sheard 2009

Light Fantastic by Tanya Dann 2010

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