Canvas – time to buy some new ones

Gordon Harris Art Supplies in Wellington has these great ‘Museum’ brand canvas; heavy duty, well constructed, tight canvas. I love them. I’m going to be exhibiting in May next year with some other Kiwi artists – details to come in another post – but for now let’s just say I want some new canvas. $400 worth, which is not too bad, except that it’s Christmas time (as in, we’re spending money on presents, not canvas). Perhaps Tony wants to buy me 4 canvas for Christmas and birthday combined?

2 thoughts on “Canvas – time to buy some new ones

  1. Oh, sounds like a perfectly reasonable request to me!
    I LOVE gifts of supplies, or gift cards to those shops.

    Also loved your “I love Patea” post previous.
    Cy Twombly is among my faves too.
    Happy Christmas to you, Cath!


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