Following a few blogs…

B Wilson, 2008

This year I have been watching a few blogs regularly, but have cut down the amount of time spent online overall. I found I was reading and watching, but not doing. It seemed a bit pointless being inspired if I never found the time to do anything with it. The blogs I *have* been following have been a huge source of joy to me. I thank each one of these amazing artists for sharing their art, processes and artistic self so willingly with others. Here are my main blog fixes:

Martha Marshall – I have been following Martha for years now. Martha is incredibly generous in sharing her art processes, and insights into her garden and kitchen. One of the things I find so inspiring about Martha is her sound work ethic and the joy she feels in the process of creation. I own 6 small works by Martha and hope to add more as I can afford to invest in more artworks.

Tanya Dann – I met Tanya through the NZ Art Guild and appreciate the way in which she juggles her time and commitments to make time for art, and a role in the running of the Guild. We have two of Tanya’s striped works on our walls, and love them. One was created especially for me, and has the most amazing oranges and purples.

Sophia Elise – again, I met Sophia through the NZ Art Guild, which she is manager of. One of the reasons I follow Sophia is the sheer generosity and kindness with which she treats other artists; she has a spirit worth knowing. Tony and I are the proud owners of a work by Sophia, which isn’t quite in our hands as yet…

Michelle Ward – I have been following Michelle for a number of years, having first seen her work in a Somerset magazine. I follow her because she is very inspirational, freely sharing her techniques with her followers, and challenging people to push themselves artistically. I don’t own any artworks by Michelle, but I do own some of her rubber, and I try to participate in her online challenges most months at the GPP STreet Team site.

Tina Mammoser – Again, Tina is someone whose blog I have been following for years. And yes, I own a small work by Tina and love it. I always enjoy reading about Tina’s process and admire her work ethic as a self-supporting artist. The other thing I like with Tina is that she seems to have this clear vision of what she creates and why, and that appeals to me.

Rebecca Crowell – this is a blog I’ve been reading for about two years. Rebecca has a restrained palette and creates works with this amazing sense of depth and texture. I wish I could see one in real life. I love reading about her process, and the way in which she works through any obstacles in the process of creation. The final results have a real sense of age about them.

Babs Wilson – yes, it’s a blog I have been reading for a long time too! Babs creates fabulous works but, more than that, she feels real joy in the process and shares that joy with exuberance. I love reading about her adventures in creating and her playful artistic spirit. I own a small piece by Babs which I treasure.

When I look back at this short list a couple of points stand out for me; I love it when other artists talk about their process and I am consistent in what I like and why I follow. If I enjoy a blog and develop a relationship with the artist (comment by comment by comment) I am more likely to end up owning a piece of their work. What does this mean for me? In all likelihood, I should describe my process, because people like me care about the process of creation. And building relationships with people is what it’s all about in the end, whatever the setting – gallery, blog, weekend sales table, website…

One thought on “Following a few blogs…

  1. OH!
    Cath, I came by to wish you a very Merry Christmas,,and was so surprised to see this guy perched on your blog!
    I am so honored to be amongst this list of yours,,thank you ever so kindly, friend!
    And I DO wish you a bright, wonderful Christmas,,,,for you and Tony, and all yours!


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