The final ‘art share’ painting is complete

As many of you know, I sold approx 60 art shares for our trip to Italy for the Legato exhibition, and each share holder was to get a 6×6″ painting inspired by the trip. 59 down and 1 to go heading into the festive season. I left this one painting till last because I agreed to do something different for one couple. I probably shouldn’t have agreed, but I did, for reasons I think I have some small understanding of. Everyone else got a poppy painting, but this couple wanted something about Dubai; the Burj al Arab to be precise. I won’t go into why they wanted Dubai instead – that’s their story to tell, not mine.

Recently I received a commission for 3 more Poppy paintings, and over the Christmas break I have completed those and am happy with them. I hope the customer likes them just as much. With no excuses left, I started in the Burj painting and it was not as tricky as I’d expected (one of the main reasons I had put it off till last). So, aside from varnishing, that’s the final art share painting done, and all my obligations met. What a great feeling.

Burj Al Arab: C Sheard 2010

2 thoughts on “The final ‘art share’ painting is complete

  1. Well done Cath! It was an enterprising scheme you came up with 🙂

    I am still ticking 2010 boxes at my end, and the 2011 Legato work is well underway so the overlap is a bit stressful. I look forward to catching up in February at Legato in New Zealand.


  2. Cath I totally love your take on the Burj. Dubai and the Middle East has a huge pull (due to D’s trips there). I love this work (but I also love my poppy!)


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