My guiding word for 2011

Each year I have a word that guides me. Last year’s was MAP and it turned out to be exactly right, even down to the MAPs that guided us in Italy and Dubai. MAP had all sorts of connotations for me and was a useful word to refer back to. Many people who have a word for the year choose something quite exotic or ‘trendy’ –  I’m sure you have seen examples. I would love this year’s word to be something exotic and terribly clever but it’s not. I have searched for another word, woken in the night thinking about it, but no matter what I do, only one word fits for 2011.

My word this year is — DETERMINED. I am determined to:

  • get in plenty of art time
  • use good quality canvas for all my works
  • enter more art events than in 2010
  • lose another 25 kilos
  • get on my exercycle at least 5 times a week
  • save money towards a trip to Dubai before Tony retires
  • make sure Mum stays happy as she gets older
  • ensure there is balance in my life

When I look at the list, what other word would guide me as well as DETERMINED? What are you DETERMINED to do this year?

Finlly, here is a painting I have been working on over the weekend, but I haven’t yet determined if it is finished. It’s the view down Patea River to the Tasman Sea from a friend’s farm.

Patea Sea Walls with Cow. C Sheard, 2010

7 thoughts on “My guiding word for 2011

  1. Cath, I like your word. Lots of big goals for the new year, but determination can definitely get you there!

    I haven’t thought about a guiding word for this year. Maybe I should. Thinking now . . .

    I love the painting! The cows have a beautiful view, don’t they?


      • The cow has a well watered field and it can look beyond the fence to the water with a couple of piers. Right?
        I have not posted on my blog for awhile. Everything I am doing is unfinished. I have found about 2 thousand unfinished watercolors out of more than three thousand paintings. Some are mine and some I did with mother from May 2000 – December 2003. We did one almost every day to keep cheerful and enjoying each other. Now I think she would be happy that I am finishing them or making the paper suitable for students to use.
        My mother’s drawing (1960) of a fishing stream is an important piece in my own story about change in an Oregon fisheries. It deserves to be hung in a hatchery or the Oregon State Department of Fish and Wildlife Headquarters. It is taking time away from my art work to find a place for her art. She spent years trying to find buyers for my art. Now I am returning her confidence in the validity of my painting.
        I see the same validity in your painting of the cow and the relationship of a domesticated food animal to the land and water.


  2. Cath,It surely seems to me that you lived up to your word last year. What a lot you accomplished! Very impressive!

    I’m certain that ‘determined’ will serve you well in 2011. It’s a great choice.
    I haven’t a word,,,but maybe it should be: Trust.
    Trust that I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to,,,instead of what I think I SHOULD.
    I love this latest painting,,it has an almost abstract feel to it, which of course I like a lot. And I truly ADORE Burj Al Arab. Truly!


    • Babs what a good idea! I use Red Bubble but had not thought of that. Thank you.
      Trust is a great word – pity we all learn “should” as children.

      Wow Diane; what a legacy. Funny, I was reading your blog the other day and thinking about how you use your libraries so well in terms of dispalying art.


      • A few years back exhibiting at our library was almost a joke. The older library had a few hooks to hang small pieces behind book shelves or behind open doors. The art could not be seen at any distance because it was behind book shelves up to the ceiling. The new building is much larger making it possible to show some sizeable pieces.


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