Trial run for new series of work

In May some of us who travelled to Italy for the Legato exhibition will be showing work together in Wellington. The exhibition, timed to be one year on from Legato and held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, will give artists an opportunity to focus on the experience of the trip and what Italy meant to us. As with the works I took to Italy, I want the new paintings to need really looking at; I don’t want hem to reveal all at first glance. I want them to be personal, yet not so personal that others would not want to own them. Yes, I am hoping for some sales! And I want them to contain layers, in the same way that the trip had layers of meaning for Tony and I. I’m working smallish again, possibly about 30×30″, because that size encourages people to get up close and examine the work.  

This is a work I have done for our bedroom wall, to l the pastel of Mt Egmont that I sold recently. It’s 20×24″ and has quite ba few layers – it’s done in acrylic and ink, with rubber stamping and collage using our own digital photos.  I need to live with it for a bit, but I think this is how I will be creating the news works – just not with photos that have Tony or I in them…

Remembering Rome. Cath Sheard, 2010

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