I tamed the mess

Yesterday I showed you some photos of the mess my desk and paperwork had gotten into. It felt out of control and was contributing to my stress level, especially as I deal with a sick Aunt. This weekend I have tidied, thrown away, sorted and filed. The house feels much more organised and my art / office area feels like a happy workspace once again. Thank goodness for that.

Now I can actually get on with making art…and boy oh boy, do I have some art to make. I have 3 exhibitions coming up in May so I need to get creating. Exciting times 🙂

My Aunt is doing better; she ate a tiny meal last night and is drinking again, which is probably the more important things really. I went up about 7pm and she was fast asleep, tucked up in her bed with the sides up so she can’t fall out. I thought she was looking much more her usual self.

I've gone from papers everywhere, to papers in bright new folders, and rubber stamps in labelled storage.

I can easily find my art supplies instead of hunting through the rubble

My desk is clean and tidy (except for the paint splatters!)


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