Looking, cropping, thinking

I have been doing some careful looking at old  scans of artworks, looking for interesting bits that I can reuse digitally. I’m particularly interested in making them really big, perhaps printed out on vinyl. Here’s a 2009 painting, cropped into 3 parts, with some bits left out. I like the strong colours but don’t think it would sit well as a group – it has lost too much of its ‘connecting tissue’ so it looks too random. But the idea has appeal and I can see I’ll be playing with this for a while yet…

I think it’s good to re-use old artworks, and to look at them in fresh ways. Doing some digital work is good for the planet too; no paint used, no solvents, no paper towels. That’s not to say I won’t be getting my hands dirty this week, I will be. I have 5 or 6 mixed media works to create on heavy watercolour paper ready for ‘Reflections of Italy’ in Wellington in May. I’m just waiting for the paper to arrive from Gordon Harris in Hamilton, and I have to say there were very helpful in helping me choose paper over the phone!

One thought on “Looking, cropping, thinking

  1. These are beautiful Cath,,,,and I think the last two look connected.Especially if presented horizontally.
    I actually enjoy making new art with old, and the digital can be such a big help.
    all the best to your Auntie,,,,and to you for your upcoming exhibitions.
    (your studio feels great now. The tidy-ing up helps, doesn’t it?)


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