Not a good day in my art studio

I set off into my art room this morning with a pile of photocopies of original photos from Italy, six full size sheets of Arches watercolour paper, four favorite Golden Fluid acrylics, some paper towels, rubber stamps and a bucket of water. Oh, and a very clear idea in my mind of what I wanted to achieve. Normally by the time I touch the materials I know exactly how it will all go together and actually making the work is fast; it’s the initial thinking that takes me the most time. But not today. I have not finished the first work but it is certainly not looking as I had expected and I am not sure that it’s going to by the time I do more to it either. I can’t even articulate clearly what the problem is, which means I can’t fix it. I’ve been flicking through some art magazines tonight, feeding my mind. I probably won’t sleep well, but hopefully my brain will have an “aha!” moment in the night. Hopefully…

In the meantime,  here’s a previous work and some of the photos that were meant to be inspiring today’s effort.

3 thoughts on “Not a good day in my art studio

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