Crusade No 50: In case of emergency

This month’s Crusade over at the GPP Street Team site is ‘in case of emergency’. Michelle Ward encourages this month’s Crusades to talk about ” The people who are important in your life.  The ones who should be notified In Case Of Emergency.  Think about who is on your Go-To list.  Who do you connect with on a daily basis or who is the first to get a call when you have news to share?  We all have special people in our lives.  Some we depend on for love and support, others we rely on for friendship..”

I can do that. There are 5 key people I have talked about, and two who would not be pleased if I did so publicly, so I left them off. Oh, and yes, I do refer to my dog on this journal page as my daughter. Faith is the baby I never had, to replace the many babies who died long, long before I could ever hold them in my arms.

I have shown the page with the tags in place, and without, for clarity. Thanks for another month of inspiration Michelle – You Rock!

8 thoughts on “Crusade No 50: In case of emergency

  1. cath – fun to see the go-to’s in your life. love the little pocket you made and appreciate that you cleared the way for a good view of your good people. sweet, simple, and sentimental. thanks for sharing with the team.


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