Series: Evidence – home sweet home

Over at the GPP Crusades Michelle urged us to talk about where we live; maybe document changes we have made or explain what makes our home special to us. I decided to do both, but in two very different ways. The first is a page for my scrapbooks that shows the “after” from our 2008 kitchen renovations. Thanks Michelle, it was high time I documented the change from a 1950s drafty old kitchen to our modern kitchen/dining room. In the second, I have just quickly documented on a photo why our home, a plain house built in the 1950s, is special to us.

7 thoughts on “Series: Evidence – home sweet home

  1. Cath – bravo for documenting your renovations and for photographing Mom living in your home. Both such special things to capture in your journal or scrapbook. Thanks for sharing with the team!!


  2. Hi Cath! I love that you shared your mom’s place in your home. The kitchen reno is also fun to see. I need to get off my computer and get my Crusading done! Best wishes from germany, tj


  3. You can never have too much love in a home! How wonderful that you are caring for your mother. You home looks wonderful, warm, and cozy–and those homes are the ones we carry in our hearts always.


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