Playing with new paint colors

Whenever I get some new paints I take the time to record them in my wee color notebooks. I like to know how it goes on, how it mixes with other paints, what it looks like really diluted. I also mix my new colors to see what results I get – that’s pretty random I know, because there’s no logic behind the mixes, but it’s amazing what you find along the way.

A week or two back I got some new Golden Fluid Acrylics – Jenkins Green, Viridian Green Hue, Indian Yellow Hue, Payne’s Gray and Anthraquinone Blue. All are new colors to me except for the last , which is one of my staples. Today I finally had time to record them in my notebook, so I spent a happy half hour or mixing different combinations and then noting the colors down for future reference. None of the results are spectacular because of the colors I happened to buy last time, but that’s okay. I quite like Anthraquinone Blue and Viridian, and can also see uses for Indian Yellow with a tiny hint of Viridian. The Jenkins Green is surprisingly dark straight out of the bottle but washes out to a lovely mossy color.

I have scanned the two pages I did this afternoon, plus an old page which fills my heart with joy each time I stumble across it while looking for color ideas – Orange, Magenta, Phthalo Green and Phthalo Blue. I also cropped in close so you can see how lovely Anthraquinone Blue really is! Enjoy.




One thought on “Playing with new paint colors

  1. This is a great idea. It looks free and spontaneous. I should do this with my spray paints because I can never remember what brand and finish looks like what!

    Thanks Cath. happy creations from germany, tj


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