Feeding the artist within

My sweet husband and I have just had 3 nights away; thanks to my sister who came and mother-sat for us. We ate, drank, slept, laughed, drove, shopped and really relaxed. Awesome.

Two of those nights were spent in Wellington and, as we often do, we went to Te PapaTongarewa, Museum of New Zealand. We had a good wander round the shop and oohed & aahed over the many beautiful objects. We had a look at an exhibition called “Collecting Contemporary”. Here’s what Te Papa’s website says – Every year, Te Papa extends its contemporary art collection, adding significant works by both emerging and established artists, as well as pieces that enhance the collection or reflect important trends. This exhibition showcases a selection of works acquired between 2006 and 2011.

Te Papa at night

My favorite piece was ‘The red heart’ by Paratene Matchitt. It’s interesting enough seeing it online, but seeing it in real life it just so much more. More detailed, more complex – just MORE. I love living where I do, the relative isolation and the sense of quiet, but I also know I have to feed the artist within from time to time. What better feeding ground than Te Papa?

One thought on “Feeding the artist within

  1. yes I agree…there comes a time when you just gotta get out of smallsville and sleepsville and go see some stuff, and I love te papa…oh and wellington, always inspiring. call in next time you’re passing through the bright lights of eketahuna.


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