Drawing a line

As I mentioned a post or two back, I recently purchased some books on drawing from Amazon, wanting to get back to the confident mark making I used to enjoy. In the last week or so I have been looking at the work of artists I follow online and have realised many of them incorporate strong mark-making in their works. Have a look at Sandra Toornstra, Martha Marshall and Rebecca Crowell. Often there is a sense of the work having many layers, something I appreciate also.

While Tony and I were away last weekend I went to Gordon Harris Art Supplies and bought, well, art supplies 😉  I wanted more mark making tools so I got charcoal, graphite, Neocolor water soluble crayons, oil pastels, Posca pens etc, all in black. Plus some tubes of black or white paint to add to my stocks. Today I sat down at my desk with some off-white Canson pastel paper and got bold and messy – Tony says I have paint on my face. (and?) Already I can feel some of the marks that were ‘mine’ while at art school reasserting themselves, alongside a new capacity to work in layers with (a little) more patience than before.  Here’s one of today’s attempts to loosen up and get making my mark, plus a cropped version to see what they would look like.

2011. Cath Sheard

2011. Cath Sheard

4 thoughts on “Drawing a line

  1. Hello Cath,
    These bold marks are wonderful!! I love the black and white simplicity with the strong, confident marks. I can imagine the piece framed and hanging on the wall.


  2. Bold, beautiful, confident marks!
    I just knew you were going to say you’d used black India ink
    and a rigger brush in this piece. I adore that look,,,and it’s how it appears to me.


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