Mind games: what color is the weather?

Over at the GPP Street Team site Michelle asked us to play some mind games this month. First come up with some words, then make colors to suit them. The news here in New Zealand is dominated by the weather at the moment. Last year late winter / early spring storms killed 3 million lambs; the downturn in numbers for the meat processing plants has seen 100s lose their job, with more redundancies expected in the coming weeks. Last month a huge storm hit – we had snow here, at sea level, for the first time in over 30 years. An even bigger, colder storm is on the way today, just as newborn lambs fill the paddocks. So how could I not choose related words to come up with colors for?

My words for the challenge are Lambing, Night sky, Spring Growth and Storm Approaching. Lambing turned out a cold grey because the piles of dead lambs always look a horrible dirty gray color. Sorry, I know that is not very cheery, but it is the reality of a farming area. The Night Sky, on the other hand, is often a glorious pinky lavender color as a storm heads our way. Despite the weather, I know Spring Growth will arrive, bringing with it renewal. Storm Approaching turned out a pretty blue because so far, despite the predictions, our day has had some decent patches of clear blue sky. Mind you, apparently it’s already -1 C (30F ) just south of our southernmost island and heading our way fast!

12 thoughts on “Mind games: what color is the weather?

  1. Cath – I’m sorry for all the fall-out your area is experiencing because of the pesky weather. Interesting to choose these conditions, and assign them a color based on your mindset and observations. While not the best of circumstances, it is the evidence of your current environment. Hopefully you’ll look back on this assignment on a brighter day and realize your resiliency. Love Spring Growth, as it signifies the promise that there is always a reason to be optimistic. Thanks for sharing with the team Cath. Sending positive vibes your way. xo


  2. Cath – Sorry to hear about all the nasty weather patterns in your area. It seems only natural that you would journal about it! Thanks for sharing your color matches!


  3. This is so right-on. Color associations are powerful – whether it connects to the good, the bad, the beautiful, or the ugly. Life is rich with color and emotion and I love that you capture the range of that in this post.


  4. You know, I just never know about these harsh realities. How sad! This post is very interesting, even though very sad at the same time. The way you’ve used the farm reality for your choices really brings it home. Thanks for sharing.


  5. It’s really terrible the way the weather is becoming increasingly extreme all over the globe. I’m so sorry to hear about the devastating losses there! I love your color choices for these names – especially night sky. Even lambing is such a pretty grey.


  6. Colors is what nature is all about–we think of Spring as sappy green and winter as gray and blue shadow on snow. Your creating some new ones just extends the metaphor more, well, colorfully. Lambing might be a cruel color, but Nature is not a happy, friendly frolic. It is often cruel, extreme, and tough. Your winter storms and snow at sea level, our searing summer heat that topped 118 F (about 48C) That’s what makes us better inventors and thinkers–being dissatisfied just to accept what is. I’ll stay away from branching into climate change rant and just say that linking your colors to the world around you is more than an exercise in creativity, it’s an exploration of the world around you via color. YAY!


  7. Usually we think of expression our emotions in art through painting or drawing, but look how you did that just by creating colors for what’s going on around you! My fav one is night sky. That’s a color that I often see and “pick out” of the sunset.


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