Letting loose and having fun

This last week has had some issues – but we won’t go there – except to say that letting loose and having some fun with paint seemed like a great idea. With that in mind, I have done more of the wee 4×6″ (approx) abstracts in black, white and red. It feels so good to be making stronger marks and letting my hand show in the final pieces. I just know there are more to come yet…

4 thoughts on “Letting loose and having fun

  1. Oh yeah,,,bring ’em on, Cath!
    I really love the solitary red
    areas among the B&W. A certain Asian appeal.
    I’m especially taken with the second.


  2. I just found you via the GPP Street Team, and I really love these minimalist paintings. They show a lot of energy through their strong contrasts and dynamics.
    Hope your wrist has got better … I had exactly the same a few weeks ago, I had peeled too many apples. It needs resting and some physio, at least that’s what helped me.


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