Counting down…

Now that I have made a firm decision to start studying again next year, I’m quite excited. The truth is, I love learning new things and thoroughly enjoy being a Uni student. I did a BA and then a PG Dip in Sociology as a full time extramural student, and was working full time for most of those years. This time I’ll only be doing one double semester paper per year, to start with anyway.

I’m enrolling in a PG Dip Museum and may eventually take it to MA level. The first paper I’ll be doing is Museum Management. Here’s what the website says about the paper “Semester One introduces museum organisation, governance, policy development, strategic planning and marketing. Semester Two introduces financial management, project management and personnel management. Practical skills in project management, budgeting, grant writing, reports and presentations will be taught.”  Bring it on!

Yes, I’ll be tired. Yes, some of it may be dry and boring. Yes, it’ll be a huge juggle some days with Mum, work etc. But you know what? I don’t care. I feel rejuvenated at the mere thought of enrolment day. So here’s a message from the Massey University site to leave you with:



4 thoughts on “Counting down…

  1. YAY for study and rejuvenation! You’ll cope admirably because you want to do it. Studying is a tonic (and addicitve, in the best possible way), Best wishes 🙂


  2. Congrats on such an ambitious goal! You will shine, I feel sure of it-you’ll be very efficient, gaining momentum and energy as you go along. You are an inspiration my friend! Also thank you for your comment today-I must apologize that somehow your blog had ‘fallen off’ my list of inspiration. I fixed it so now you’re back on. 🙂


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