YouTube inspiration and the RWC

Today is wet, windy and miserable – and what’s even worse, Dan Carter is out of the RWC. What’s a girl to do? Watch some videos for inspiration of course. The first one I enjoyed was about using alcohol with acrylic paints.  The second video is about rubber stamps with encaustic. I haven’t tried either of these before; I’m tempted to try the alcohol thing, but rubber stamps with wax is interesting but I don’t need to start any new hobbies!  Enjoy these, and let’s hope the weather comes right, and that some poor rugby player doesn’t suffer too much for trying to be Dan’s replacement for the RWC!

3 thoughts on “YouTube inspiration and the RWC

  1. I just used alcohol yesterday on an acrylic painting. The ripples were too dark and didn’t sit right on the water. It was my second canvas of the same subject. The one that was painted in the hot sun became very thick because I could smooch the paint around hoping and praying it would look watery. I will use alcohol on it too in a couple of minutes. I’ll post the before and after if it isn’t raining too hard by the time it gets light here.


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