Working back to front – a change of process

I have two works booked into a local show at the end of October, called Waverley Connections. It’s a group of local artists exhibiting for two days only at the Waverley Community Centre. Organisers are hoping it will become an annual event. Due to the way it’s been structured I’ve had to name and describe the works, including a little about the process, before I even start making them. This is totally the opposite to how I normally work. I usually just start making marks on the canvas and see what happens.

Over the last few days I have been running through what I want to do in my head, thinking about marks, colour and process. For some reason, before I got my paints out just now, I decided to re-visit what I’d written. Oops! What I was thinking of doing, and what I wrote some months back, are very different. So, I need to do some mental adjusting before I pick up the paint brushes. Oh well, a little bit of discipline won’t do me any harm…

I’ll leave you with two images – one is the kind of thing I was thinking of doing this afternoon, the other is more like what I said I’d be doing – see if you can spot the difference 😉

3 thoughts on “Working back to front – a change of process

  1. It’s a bit like doing a commission you had forgotten you had promised to do and being reminded only long after you had left that style behind. You’ll enjoy the challenge 🙂

    I’ve just done a spot the difference too, for related reasons (and going about 30 painting years backward in the process). First painting became too big and too bright all because I lost sight of the promise.

    I will enjoy seeing where your challenge takes you. At least you will be going forward, not backward!


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