Crusade No 56 – I’m a believer

Michelle Ward, over at the GPP Street Team site, challenged us this month to talk about art, what it means to us and the place it has in our lives. This is something I have thought about a lot lately, as I struggled to create some new works. I have used the piece I completed this morning as the background for a digital work, as it represents an end to struggling (again). Thanks for the inspirations Michelle – you rock.

12 thoughts on “Crusade No 56 – I’m a believer

  1. Cath – I love that you wrote from the heart, and placed it over your painted background. I appreciate your honesty about your journey. I think we all go through periods of doubt and you saying it out loud has all of us nodding along in agreement about ourselves. I love that you recognize being away from creating gets you crabby – I’m with you on that one. It’s a place of escape, regardless of the outcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with your readers and the team for I’m a Believer. You continue to be such an important player – always offering your unique perspective, and always commenting the other players, cheering them on.

    *reaches across land and oceans for a hug*


  2. Cath, I always enjoy your contributions to the crusades. I love your honesty and what you create. Your use of color really stands out to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Comparing to others is always a tendency with me. I recently went to the Tim Burton exhibit and the sheer volume of his work, from back when he was unknown through his current successes, and the breadth of his expression, gave me inspiration to not care how odd, or even mundane, I may think my work is at any given time! Just do it for the LOVE!!
    Rock on.


  3. Cath, what a lovely post! I have felt that way many times, I guess it comes with having a creative soul.
    Thank you for such honest sharing and encouragement.


  4. You are definitely an artist, Cath! If I were able to articulate with words as you do, I would express some of the thoughts about myself and my work exactly as you have posted them. Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork and posting your thoughts which are resonating within me.


  5. Cath, I have almost the same experience of art. Especially the part about getting tired and grumpy when not creating. Keep hold of your inspiration – you don’t have to be anybody else!


  6. Cath, I feel like I could take your post and just say “ditto”. Having the confidence to just create our own art for ourselves and let that fulfill us, that can be such a challenge. And your page is beautiful, gorgeous use of colors!


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