Early family Christmas

This weekend we have celebrated an early Christmas with my sister and her husband, their children and grandchildren. They made the effort to come down together from Auckland –  roughly 6 hours drive – to spend time together with Mum. Jenny is home from Singapore, so it was amazing to see her. We all know this could be the last one we celebrate with Mum. It’s been loud and fun; I’m exhausted – six-year-old Julian is *such* a live wire 😉

On Christmas day it will be the three of us rattling round, eating chicken sandwiches, and opening the last of the presents. Quieter, calmer, but just as special. It was my birthday a week or so ago, so we remembered that too. The photos are: Goldie with  her new toy, Faith looking enviously at the cat’s new toy, and my birthday earrings from Tony.



3 thoughts on “Early family Christmas

  1. Super great to have family! And always nice for the quiet when they’ve gone.
    Just beautiful,,,, your Tony has great taste in earrings!
    Merry Christmas to you and all yours, Cath!
    (I know all about the live wire 6 year olds!)


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