The year that was – 2011 as I remember it

At the end of each year I think back on what I have done; it’s easy for achievements to sort of slide on by barely noticed. Knowing what we have done, and where we’ve been, helps map the road forward – so here a quick recap of things that stand out from 2011. When I first started thinking about this post it seemed I had not achieved much, but that’s not the case. It’s just that this years list is less dramatic than last year’s which had things like an art exhibition in Italy. Not the kind of thing that’s going to crop up year after year!

  • Joined in many of the Crusades with Michelle Ward over at the GPP Street Team site.
  • Re-elected as Co-Chair is PubSig, a national organisation that supports librarians, to serve another 2 years.
  • Did all the ‘stuff’ that needed doing when Aunt J passed away after years of suffering with dementia.
  • Accepted for Post Grad Diploma in Museum Studies at Massey for 2012 – they take quite a limited number.
  • Enjoyed another year of love and friendship with Sandra; 40-mumble years and counting!
  • Officially recognised as Deputy to the District Librarian at work
  • Co-presented an interactive workshop on Koha at this year’s LIANZA annual conference
  • Kept Mum at home for another year; safe, happy and reasonably well.
  • Appointed to the communications committee for the 2012 LIANZA annual conference
  • Supported another Kiwi artist who was offered a residency overseas

My guiding word for 2011 was DETERMINED and I did about half the things I was determined to do. But I also did a lot of things that were not on my radar when I wrote my original list. I’m happy with what I achieved for the year. I have a fair idea of my word, and to do list, for 2012 but am not clear enough to capture it here yet. In the next day or two I’m sure I’ll post it…


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