Crusade 58 – girls on film

Michelle’s challenge for December was to get out from behind the camera and appear in film. All too often we’re invisible, even as we document the lives of those around us. I’m a couple of days late getting the Crusade done, but this is one I really wanted to complete. I had decided I would do this on the 1st of January, a day when I knew I had some time up my sleeve. I don’t see the new year in and was asleep by about 10.30pm. I got woken by screaming fire crackers at midnight. Tony’s ambulance pager went at 3am – some poor person in trouble needed help – and I woke again when he got back home at 5am. Then the alarm went at 7am.

I woke feeling, and looking, less than stellar. I told him about the challenge and asked him to take some photos. He said he didn’t really think he should. Oh dear…I decided to go ahead anyway. After all, this is real life – my life. Here’s the final result. Look at your peril 😉

9 thoughts on “Crusade 58 – girls on film

  1. Warts and all? But look! No warts! Great photo, and congratulations on finishing the challenge.

    Very best wishes to you for 2012, and I look forward to keeping up with you during the next year.


  2. oops, I meant to place this comment here!
    I think it is great – a slice of your life that you will remember and a response to a challenge. Thank you for visiting & commenting!


  3. Wonderfully steadfast eyes, and they are the window to the soul. When I clicked on the photo my computer somehow gave me a closeup of your left eye and your hair (right of photo) and it suddenly became a wonderfully mysterious artwork rather than a portrait.

    Thanks for sharing your challenge!


  4. yay! you did it! i love that you shared yourself at a real moment. isn’t that what we all are 99.9% of the time? bravo for being brave, and for getting it done. love you for that. thanks for sharing with the team and for emphasizing and reminding us we are all REAL. xo


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