I have spent the afternoon looking at, and thinking about, what inspires me. I have flicked through old art journals, magazines, art supplies and read a few blogs. Here’s some thoughts on what inspires me. What inspires you?

5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. What inspires me
    Sunday lunches on my deck with friends
    Loving family
    A bro who comes around and mows my lawn
    Walking on a sandy beach with the waves coming in
    Poppy who is so joyous when I Get home
    A beautiful flower
    My colleagues
    Sam my gorgeous old fat black cat
    The scent of my roses ESP Abraham Darby
    Music I can always find something to lift me up


  2. Excellent post. I’ll be answering with my inspirations in a post later this week. However, Martha Marshall will definitely be there…..

    Thanks for sharing, Cath. Pop over today for a giveaway, by the way.


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