Crusade No. 60: Honor what you love

This month Michelle, over at the GPP Street Team site, said “This month’s challenge is inspired by Valentine’s Day.  We get to celebrate the love we have for partners, family, and friends.  I hope you also indulge in some self-love…like taking a day, or just a few hours, to enjoy some creativity time.  I’m thinking it will be interesting to reflect on all the things we love.  People in our lives, things we like to do, places we like to visit, food we love to eat, art supplies we can’t live without – that kind of stuff.  You can make lists of favorites, or focus on a singular subject.  You can be serious and sentimental, or simple and sweet.  You choose.  Make some declarations.  This will give us a chance to get to know you better, and maybe we will learn about something that we will love too.”.

I thought about all kinds of things I could honor; pets, family, art supplies, work, travel. But in the end it had to be Tony. Why? We’ve been together 20 years this year and love being a couple. When we were in Italy in 2010 one of the artists we traveled with said “You two are so devoted. Every time I look round you’re keeping an eye on each other. You really support each other”. Yes, we do. We are each other’s biggest supporters, most loyal advocates, best friends…

8 thoughts on “Crusade No. 60: Honor what you love

  1. This was a total no-brainer for me. I love my precious, wonderful daughter. We didn’t get on very well at all until when she was a child/teenager, but we now have an extremely close bond that people just don’t get. She is the reason I won’t let my diseases kill me. She is the person I am incredibly, totally proud of. She is the person I trust and have fun with and laugh with and want to keep travelling the world with. Sometimes I am the mum, sometimes she is. I have you, as my best mate, I have Zak, I have friends, a passion for ESOL, anthropology, photography and travel. But Missy is the most important thing in my life which is just the way it should be. And I never forget to tell her this. And you know Missy and I love you guys and are so happy that you found each other. It was meant to be.


  2. I love your page celebrating being a couple…. especially how you stamped I heart US. It’s a wonderful photo too….

    It’s a good idea to marry your best friend! I did and it’s 25 years this summer 🙂


  3. Cath, I love your page and your declaration. I can see you are brimming with joy for the companion who stands beside you. What a wonderful observance you share from a friend – a terrific compliment. Congrats on twenty years together. Raising a glass *clink* to many more. Thanks for sharing with the team.


  4. Oh, WOW! WHAT a stunning idea!!! Happy Anniversary!

    My 25th anniversary was in October. I may have to do this challenge again!!

    (usually chihuahuas don’t live this long…)


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