A storm and ICE!

Ten days ago we had a massive storm come through South Taranaki; Patea, where we live was the epicenter. Scary stuff. 600 power lines down, more than 50 homes badly damaged – roofs ripped off, walls collapsed, power poles snapped in half, two houses have to be demolishedImage.

As a Council worker I was involved in things such as going door to door checking on people, and then my two libraries provided access to social services for people. I’ve worked two weekends in a row, so have a couple of days off now just to chill out a bit.



It’s hard to imagine the scale of destruction, or the noise at the height of the storm at about 4am. We were lucky; my car has some damage, as does the car shed, spa pool roof and aviary. Compared to others we were so fortunate.


And speaking of chilly, have you heard of ICE? It’s the International Collage Exhibition, which used to be called the Baker’s Dozen. You can read more about it here. I wasn’t supposed to be doing any artwork this year, but this is one I have entered before and I just couldn’t resist. I made 10 collage in the end, and they’re heading off to organiser Dale Copeland tomorrow. Here’s a couple of the collages:Image




One thought on “A storm and ICE!

  1. OH!
    How horrible!
    Gosh, Cath,,,between worry about earthquakes and now this storm,
    that’s just terrible.
    So grateful that you weren’t further damaged, or (God forbid) physically hurt.
    Take care,,,and I’m a little envious of your collage exhibition. Sounds fun,
    and I love this entry you’re showing!


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