Crusade 61: end of an era

I’ve been doing the Crusades off and on for years now. Michelle has enriched our lives in so many ways; thank you so much. The sense of community is huge. Michelle’s taking a well earned break. So this is my final Crusades entry for a while – the writing says it all for me. By the way, the challenge was to “show restraint” – to leave some space and let the work breath.

10 thoughts on “Crusade 61: end of an era

  1. Cath, I’m so happy to see you join in this one as we wrap things up for a little while. In addition to saying thank you for sharing your work so consistently with the team, I want to thank you for being such a loyal cheerleader for what we do by always visiting other crusaders and leaving your kind words that both validate and encourage others. As you know, I think that is a vital part of building connections and community. We are a team, and you are a key player. I thank you for that. This page is wonderful…loved reading around the perimeter….it just occured to me that you dated it April 1st….but it’s only 3/31 in my time zone so you are early *grin*. See you again soon my friend. xo


  2. I love this page…… I love the background colour and paint effects and the sentiments you have expressed around the edge of the page and also how you have printed out and used the GPP Street Team Crusade details

    The crusades have been so much fun…..and its been so lovely to be involved ……. thank you for all your visits and comments they have been much appreciated πŸ™‚



  3. Lovely piece and sentiment; I feel the same – like something very special has gone.The Crusades have been the main reason for clearing off the craft table and getting stuck into another project.

    Gorgeous shade of green!


  4. Ooooh, me likey πŸ™‚ I love the colors here, that beautiful springy green and the purple accents. I feel the same way about the Crusades, although I didn’t participate all that often. I’m sure that when Michelle comes back to the Street she’ll bring something better than ever πŸ™‚


  5. Love your page…love the sentiments, and really love the colors and distressed texture. This would be great for you to reuse as a background or to just incorporate a piece of in other projects…. I discovered the Crusades regrettably late, but already will miss them and all the wonderful support from participants like you…


  6. Cath you have been such a consistent and supportive voice through the years I’ve been involved. At first I wondered if you were following me around, and then I realized that YOU were here FIRST! I do consider you a crusading comrade.

    This is dynamic piece, with the swaths of contrasting color and I love the green. The bold GPP makes it!
    Sorry I’m late seeing your contribution, but it was worth the delay!


  7. Cath, lately when I’ve tried to comment on wordpress sites it won’t let me do it under my parabolicmuse email. I don’t know what that’s about, but if you have any insight, please share!



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