More on the Freezing Works

Last night was one of those nights where all I wanted to do was paint – not sleep, work, or whatever – just create something. Turns out it was the full moon. Along with many other creatives, I suffer from “full-moon-itis”! About 10pm I gave in and opened a packet of A4 size Hahnemuhle watercolour paper. The 300gsm is heavy enough that I can work on it without needing to stretch it; perfect for doing mixed media at my desk, and it’s a lovely surface to work on.

I have done a lot of works inspired by the old Patea Freezing Works over the last few years, and since going to Italy in 2010 I’ve also done a lot of works that involve poppies. Last night I combined the two and depicted the freezing works site regenerating, with poppies growing where the land has been disturbed, just like in Cassino, Italy. I kept one derelict building at the far right, and a few ‘ghost’ buildings along the horizon, where they still exist in my memory. I used Golden airbrush acrylics, a super fine Sharpie pen, Faber Castell aquarelle sticks and Caran D’Ache Neocolors, then added text in Photoshop.

3 thoughts on “More on the Freezing Works

  1. Very suggestive and slightly ethereal for me as I too am working on ruins and poppies at the moment. This year the poppies have long stems and are a darker red as there has been no rain (until yesterday) since December, only the snow.

    I like your text addition; rebirth and peace are what we all aim for.


  2. Hi Cath, This piece is so beautiful and inspiring! Also: Thank you for the nomination on Michelle’s comment post-I haven’t been blogging much and I just saw it this morning. My favorite part of the Crusades is meeting people like you!


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