Mail Art Swap

I’ve been making and/or decorating a few envelopes recently and then last night, trawling friend’s craft blogs, I noticed a mail art swap and thought “why not?”. So here goes, my first mail art swap. I’ve kept it small and simple for this first try. If you’re not sure what mail art is, go to Google Images and search ‘mail art envelopes’. Want to join in? The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Email me at by the 16th June, saying you’d like to participate.
  2. Send me 6 mail art envelopes (fairly standard sizes please) by July 16th. Include your name and postal address so I can send work back to you.
  3. Only send work you would be happy to receive.
  4. No ‘sticker slap’ please! Stickers, rubber stamps etc are fine, but please create, not just stick.
  5. People will be using your mail art, so nothing too lumpy or with nowhere to write an address.

Once I have everyone’s mail art in, I’ll send each participant a fabulous set of mail art to enjoy and use. This swap is suitable for beginners, and anyone arty/crafty – why not give it a go?


2 thoughts on “Mail Art Swap

  1. Cath, this sounds fun! I want to try… I’ve never swapped envelopes. Do we just send you the arty envies empty? Your friend formerly in Germany, hugs from tj


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