Arting out my feelings

I got a bunch of new art mags from the USA last week, and an article by Dina Wakley really got my attention. Her use of layering and colours spoke to my heart, which has been a bit bruised lately. Having finished my new office/art room, I knew what I really needed was to get my hands dirty. So this afternoon I hauled out some supplies, including my new Michelle Ward stencils, and some heavy watercolor paper. This is the first of three pages I started this afternoon, all documenting the changes in our lives that are coming as a result of Mum going into the rest home. Pouring it out in art is good for my soul.


4 thoughts on “Arting out my feelings

  1. Your insightful comments and honesty on your blog blow me away 🙂 You are a wonderfully brave woman Cath. I see some powerful artworks coming up too 🙂


  2. HI Cath, Yes, it is a big step and a big transition for all concerned. Your art is lovely and I know it will calm your soul. Take care my friend.


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