Envelope fun to distract me

A few posts back I advertised a mail art swap – I’m really looking forward to seeing people’s envelopes turn up by the middle of July. Last Wednesday night I had a car accident; a drunk driver pulled out to pass a car, straight into my path. I almost managed to get out of the way, so things could have been a lot worse. Anyway, I’ve had a few days off work because I ache all over, and have limited movement in my shoulders. Trouble is, I hate having nothing to do … hmm?

I know – decorate envelopes. Something I could sit quietly and play with at my own pace, and not needing much shoulder movement. Excellent! Hauled out some art supplies  – ink dyes, sprays, acrylic paint, gel medium, Copic pens, collage papers, stencils, foam stamps –  and sat myself down in the sun Here’s a few of the 20 or so I’ve made so far. Letter writing will ensue 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the only photo of have of my car post-accident; glad I can’t see it really.

4 thoughts on “Envelope fun to distract me

  1. Cath, I’m so sorry to hear of your accident, but grateful it wasn’t any worse. Your envelopes are wonderful! I’m sending you healing thoughts and virtual hugs.


  2. Cath! What horrible news about your accident but I am glad you seem OK. Get well soon… I love the look of your envelopes, but I’m worried now… mine are all the same I didn’t know they should be different!
    I hope your stiffness and soreness goes away rapidly and you are fully recovered shortly!
    Big hugs from MN
    xx tj


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