Italy on my mind

Our Italy trip has been on my mind a lot lately, for all kinds of obscure and tangential reasons. Things like the financial woes in Europe, the realization that Tony and I probably won’t be going overseas again, seeing some poppies growing locally, graffiti that reminds me of the trains in Italy…

I’ve been wanting to start a new series of paintings, using mainly black and white with a little red, and over the last few nights have dreamed these into existence. As I start painting Tony often asks, partly to wind me up, “what’s it going to be?”. He kept coming and looking at these three, a bit baffled. When I had finished he said “poppies”. Yup – but think of the viaduct, and the train tracks. Oh yeah, you have the graffiti underneath, and the old roman viaduct. Yes, Tony, I do!

5 thoughts on “Italy on my mind

  1. And as we burn here in Italy (at least 8 hectares in the Melfa gorge completely destroyed, and fires all around in the hills until two days of welcome rain arrived) the smokiness of these is more poignant.

    Odd that we should both have used the same colours this year, although mine only appears to be black and white, but in fact is multicoloured with no black in it at all.

    Never say never though… you could be back 🙂


  2. PS Cath, I REALLY like these new works, you have a wonderful series of abstractions “capturing the essence” here. How big and how transportable are they? May 2013?


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