Surrounded by sick people = no art

We took Mum to hospital Saturday afternoon and the Dr told us he didn’t think she would pull through this time. I spent the night in the recliner beside her, and yesterday she was still critical. Today she is looking better, although the blood results fro her kidneys do not show any improvement yet. Fingers crossed.

Tony saw a private specialist on Monday and is having surgery this Friday for a 20cm (yes, cm) clot in his left leg. Huge drama there too…and huge thanks to my best mate, Sandra, for taking him in and looking after him when I can’t be there (the hospital is over 4 hours away)

So, no art happening at the moment, and not even a lot of sleep.

One thought on “Surrounded by sick people = no art

  1. I am not getting much sleep either, due to all the stress, but at least you know I will take very very good care of him and that is what friends are for! He has promised to help me out next year when I have 3 weeks in hospital and also if I have to have surgery and, again, that is what friends are for. We make a bloody good team!


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