Poppies, and stencils

When Mum passed away recently a friend gave us some flowers which included poppies and seed heads – awesome! I have been fascinated with poppies since we visited Italy in 2010 and use them a lot in my artwork. Having the real thing on display in the kitchen inspired my to take a bunch of photos, do some drawings, and finally cut some stencils. Huge thanks to Michelle Ward for lessons learnt while doing the Crusades – without your lessons I doubt I would have managed it. I have now got stencils for two flowers, and two different heads plus the masks for all but the big poppy. I couldn’t work out the bridges to keep it in one piece but may have another shot at it yet.

I have had a quick play with them on newsprint and am happy, so tomorrow I’ll start playing in earnest. Earlier in the year I was given some lovely old, never used and in mint condition, prints of  John Abbott’s The insects of Georgia produced by the Alexander Turnbull Library. I am going to be participating in Legato 2013 and have a vague plan in mind involving the prints, transfers of photos of Dad from the war, and the poppy stencils. We’ll see…

(the images are wrinkly because I am too impatient to wait for the ink to dry before scanning)

image0-002 image0-001 image0

3 thoughts on “Poppies, and stencils

  1. Was thinking of you today Cath, it is very hard when it is this time of year that we lose a loved one especially when it is a parent. Dad has been gone 3yr now just passed on the 22 Dec seems like only yesterday. Glad you are getting back into your craft and blog, you are so talented and I enjoy reading what you are up to.Yasmine always told me you were very clever with Art and Craft she was not wrong. Thinking of you at this hard time.xxxx


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