Getting there

Remember I said I was burying the evidence? It’s now lost under gesso and ink, stenciling and more ink! It’s not finished but it *is* starting to make me happy. Even Tony could see what was happening once I hauled out a photo of the gardens in Aquino (or was it St Angelo?) that we photographed as we walked down to the bridge over the Rapido River for the yearly commemorative service with the American and Italian soldiers. Edit: my geography and memory is poor – see correction in comments – thanks Kay. Here’s a progress shot, including a blurry one showing the layers, and the original photo I’m using as inspiration:

memorisl 061



One thought on “Getting there

  1. You had me thinking there… the service was at Sant Angelo in Theodice, officially a part of Cassino, and so you were where the river is called the Gari.

    The Rapido River is out the other side of Cassino, and changes its name along the way, to become the Gari. Just to add to (my) confusion, where the Liri joins in it then becomes the Garigliano. I still don’t have it clear in my mind, and need a map to get them right. Then, of course, it depends on the source of the map. I am not sure, but I think it was during the war that the Gari was erroneously labelled the Rapido at St Angelo.

    The bridge where they throw the wreaths and petals into the water is on the site of one of the bridges they tried to push across to get troops onto the Cassino side from the Allied position behind Mt Trocchio.

    This website has a nice summary and some photos you might find interesting.


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