Looking at the landscape

I am still adjusting to all the time I have now that Mum has died. Six months on I find the evening has vanished and, all too often, I have achieved nothing. Yet when she was alive, I juggled it all, and found art time. I think I’m still catching up on rest, and learning to live with the gap in our lives.

So one of the things I am slowly doing is going back to some of the things that have been good in my art in the past – like exploring the landscape to see just how far from a ‘real’ landscape you can get before it no longer says landscape. I’d be been using my Gelli Plate, foam stamps with words on them, and a bunch of bubble wrap, to get messy landscapey layers. What I love is that with printing you get bits of paint left over and they come out in a layer later on, adding more colors and texture.





4 thoughts on “Looking at the landscape

  1. Be kind to yourself, it is early days yet. Sometimes it is best to let the hours slip by… it is healing time, not wasted time.

    I like the new works. They had a new depth and richness about them.


  2. Beautiful backgrounds! Mom is watching over you and smiling because you are creating beautiful things. People say laughter is the best medicine but creative expression is just as good. Big hugs to you!



  3. Great experiment with the gelli plate. Amazing how they still look like landscapes and sea scapes. Sorry to hear your mum died. Don’t worry about the evening hours slipping by. It happens to me to, not the same reason as yours, its the period of my life, but you probably need the quiet time right now. Allow yourself to take the time 🙂


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