Gelli plate landscapes

I needed to get some art time in, so I shouted myself an online course with Carla Sonheim. I own one of her books and love it, and when I saw that she had a course on landscapes using a Gelli Plate I couldn’t resist. I’m loving the course and will be doing it all over again with a friend in a couple of week’s time. Here’s what I have done today; each piece has been back to the Gelli Plate probably 7 or 8 times. I love the process she teaches, and her calm approach. I may yet work into these a bit more, but need to really look at them first.

4 thoughts on “Gelli plate landscapes

  1. Great to see something from another Kiwi – love those landscapes! don’t have a Gelli Plate yet, I’m working with a gelatine plate, lol.


  2. Love the richness of your colors and the boldness of design on these prints.
    My blog is now on this site. I like the way you handle
    your blog very much-helpful to a newbie. Thanks, Doris


  3. I found one of your beautiful prints on pinterest and wanted to tell you how much I like them. Now I’m curious about your further work.
    Kind greetings from the opposite site of the earth (EU).
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.


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