Ticking jobs off the list

I’m on leave this week and, aside from relaxing, my aim was to get through my to-do list which was looking a little awesome. I had my usual weekend, Sunday and Monday, so today’s my first real day of leave. I have:

  1. Completed my LIANZA Professional Registration revalidation journal
  2. Prepared my talk and some activities for tomorrow’s Amish event at the library, which I’m speaking at despite not being at work
  3. Competed the text for my LIANZA conference lightning presentation and checked it’s all 20 seconds per slide
  4. Participated in a conference call for the Emerging Leaders Working Group
  5. 99% completed my first assignment for the #HyperLibMOOC

I’ve also slept in every day, watched the America’s Cup races on my laptop in bed, chatted with my best friend Sandra, and tidied up my art desk.

I’m about to:

  1. Work on the mixed media slides for my LIANZA presentation
  2. Do the last 1% of my first MOOC assignment
  3. Email my partner from the ILN project and see how she’s doing
  4. Make a start on the newspaper which is due at the printers on Sunday
  5. Launch into the readings for Module 4 of the MOOC

Tony says I’m scary when I’m on a roll…





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