Back to my art journal

I haven’t used my art journal as much as usual lately, mainly because I had been busy preparing for conference, completing my LIANZA professional re-registration journal, and studying in the HyperLinked Library MOOC out of San Jose University. Conference is over, my journal has been submitted and I can catch up on the MOOC readings easily enough so today I got inky. Bliss…

I have joined the Stencil Girl stencil club and received my first stencils a few days ago – love ’em! As you can see from the pages I’ve done, some are inspired by what I learnt at conference, while others are the idle meanderings of an arting mind. For these pages I used stencils, Golden Fluid acrylics, Tim Holtz Distress Pads, an assortment of pens, glue and a ceramic cutter pen.






Does that hurt?

After I got back from conference I unpacked my bag and put my painkillers beside the bed. Tony went and bought groceries and, as always, that meant more Brufen and Panadol for us. Yesterday afternoon I found a couple of packets on my desk, so decided it was time to consolidate our supplies. It seems we have enough to last the long weekend, anyway 😉


Surrounded by colour

Tony and I have quite a lot of artwork and love living surrounded by it. Some of the works are mine, some are by a very few artists whose work we collect; Tanya Dann, Martha Marshall, and Tina Mammoser.  We also have a few pieces by artists we admire but whose works we’re not collecting, including Sophia Elise and Sharlene Schmidt.

I love creating ATCs (artists trading cards) and have been involved in a few swaps in the last year or so, and I have them sitting on the top of my computer desk so that even while I’m working on the internet the beauty of art is right with me. I love their variety and colour.

I don’t always make enough time for creating work myself, but having so much colour and beauty around me feeds my soul.