What stood out in 2013?

I’ve been looking back at 2013 and here’s a wrap of the year I had:

  • January – my wrist was incredibly painful, Tony retired from the Ambulance Service and I was pretty obsessed with poppies.
  • February – most of my posts were about family; I was missing Mum and, 22 years after Dad died, I was really feeling it. I was also struggling with the artworks I was trying to get done for Legato in Italy.
  • March – spent a lot of time making gelli prints, and Tony & I celebrated our 18th anniversary.
  • April – the gelli prints and journal pages continued, and I spoke at the ANZAC Day service in Waverley.
  • May – Tony spent some Granddad time with Rory in Christchurch, and it was my first Mother’s Day without Mum.
  • June – more gelli prints and a lightening of my palette to match my lighter mode.
  • July – started feeling more myself, 6 months after Mum died, and began working on the artworks for my presentation at the LIANZA conference in October.
  • August – participated in the International Signature Swap, and decided it was time to get myself better organised.
  • September – got completely stuck on the artworks for my presentation, discovered I need two new knees, and started a new library course though San Jose University.
  • October – completed my 3 yearly professional registration, attended and presented at the annual LIANZA conference and was awarded Associateship.
  • November –  got into my artwork, and discovered that Mum’s birth father served in WWI so there’s a new artwork being planned for Italy.
  • December  – we discovered Tony needs more surgery because the femoral crossover surgery from November last year has failed, and then the surgery was postponed, I also spent a lot of time making Christmas cards.

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