Not so quick!

Tony is doing well. He has no drips, drains etc, and can walk to the toilets and back, then have a rest. He looks so well; I can’t believe the change.

I was a bit surprised yesterday that people who also had surgery Tuesday, and don’t seem to be doing so well or had apparently bigger things done, are heading home today and he’s not up for discharge till Monday or Tuesday.  It turns out the complications were even more serious than I has realised and, combined with surgery two days in a row, it means they are much  more cautious about releasing him.

They also said because he looks so good it is easy to underestimate how much his body has been through, how deep the incisions are, and how long it will take him to recover. So, guess it won’t all be plain sailing for a wee while yet.

I remain incredibly grateful for the skills of the medical team, the caring of the nurses, and the support we have had. And for a good night’s sleep last night!


2 thoughts on “Not so quick!

  1. Tony really great to hear that u are progressing along so fast just remember I’ am available at anytime to give u a shower, hahaha “Oh boy” I can hear u from here using those choice words just take it easy one step at a time.
    Be kind to Cath.
    See U’s when u return home safely.
    Waimarie & Warren.


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