Art journalling to clarify thoughts

I don’t just art journal to have fun and play with cool supplies – although there’s nothing wrong with that, and I do a lot of it. I also art journal to record my thoughts and clarify how I feel about things; sometimes this is about my job, as well as personal stuff. Today’s first journal page is a work-related one. I like how it turned out.

journal page

2 thoughts on “Art journalling to clarify thoughts

  1. I keep an art journal too, but mostly I just write about my rambling thoughts. It helps me to recognize where my art is headed (or not headed)’ I admire artists who also create in their art journals.


    • Whereas I admire artists who can write about their art – I find it hard to say cohesive things about my art practice.
      I used to write more in my journals Margaret but a car accident with a drunk driver damaged my shoulder, which messed up my wrist — but typing is fine. So I work online, or create in my journals. I love to paint but have been going through a dry patch. I have three weeks leave coming up and really want to get painting again.


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