Daily art journal cards – different tactic

I love my daily art journal card practice; it’s good for me and well worth keeping up. Scanning and posting is tricky, due to things happening in our house at the moment. So I am trying a new tactic – piling them up on my desk and posting once a week. Here’s what I haven’t shown so far form the last week.

Old book page, Stencil Girl stencils, fluro pink pen, ref Sharpie pen, acrylic paint, old rub ons, fine black pen.

76 364

Kaiser craft ephemera, Portfolio water soluble oil pastels, Stencil Girl stencil, acrylic paint, fine black pen.

77 364

Memory Makers foam stamps, white gel pen, Tim Holtz distress paints, acrylic paint, Stencil Girl stencil, fine black pen.

78 364

Memory Makers foam stamp – letter C, gold pen, acrylic paints, Stencil Girl stencil, fine black pen.

79 364

Left over scrapbooking paper, Tim Holtz stencil, Stencil Girl stencil, acrylic paints, Memory Makers foam stamp – X, gesso, fine black pen.

80 364

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