Accidental success

As I finished each set of Gelli Prints the other I cleaned my plate by covering it in white or off-white paint, laying down my paper and letting it dry. When you pull the dry print, all the old paint comes off. Often these are interesting prints, with little bits of colour and ghostly shadows of what has come before.

These two really appeal to me, with their pale colours and little dabs of paint. Typically, I had used the back of some printing proofs – now I wish I had pulled them on better paper!

ghost 2



Making collages

I’m entering the 18th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange – I’ve entered ICE before and recommend it. Dale Copeland does an amazing job of all the organisation and the work you get back is fabulous. I started making collages a few days ago and finished a few today; at least, I think they are finished — we’ll see! It’s a funny thing, I’m not Christian but there’s always some religious iconography sneaks into my collages, and this time I seem to have a thing for circles and egg shapes. It’s not a planned theme – I grab papers, scissors and glue and then put my brain in quiet mode while I create.


Gelli play – making painted paper

I’ve been playing with my Gelli Plate, a bunch of Stencil Girl stencils and some Dylusions paint to make painted paper. I like the Dylusions paint for gelli printing – it gives good coverage and doesn’t dry too quickly, even in the hot weather. Oddly enough, it dries fast in my art jounal. These painted papers have at least 2 layers, some have 4 layers, of paint. The prints will be cut up for card making or kept for in my art journal, collage projects, etc.

Gelli print cards

This afternoon I tried out a technique I’d seen on the Gelli Arts youtube channel. It didn’t go quite go as planned; the weather was too hot and I didn’t have Golden Open (slow drying) paints – but the idea is good and one I’ll come back to. As I worked I cleaned my brush off on a spare piece of cardstock.

The prints weren’t good enough to use on their own, but cut up with a stitched-edge die (thanks for the loan Denise) they made great general use greeting cards. Scanning them made me realise how dirty the scanner glass is, but you get the idea…


My word for 2016 is …

Each year I choose a word that centres me, a word I come back to when I need reminding of my focus and of what’s important to me. I put a lot of thought into my word and surround myself with it; in small artworks, in my art journals and on my office wall. In previous years I have chosen calm, kindness, learn, determined, map and balance.

I have been a follower of Dr Wayne Dyer for many years. He passed away this year just as I was finishing his latest book. He always spoke of the power of intention, so this is for you Dr Wayne. In 2016 it is my INTENTION to:

  • stay calm and act from a place of kindness
  • continue making changes at work that create a positive atmosphere
  • use my time efficiently so I can achieve all that’s in my head
  • schedule my time effectively so I contribute well to the wider profession
  • be receptive to the possibilities all around me
  • spend quality time with Tony and the furkids
  • nurture my creativity


Looking back on 2015, my word was CALM. It helped align my actions with my intention to achieve with kindness. As a guiding word it served me well because when I am CALM:

  • I respond rather than react
  • I hear people out and think before speaking
  • I consider the consequences of my actions
  • I balance the urgent with the important
  • I get a lot done through being prepared and not rushing
  • I take life’s ups and down in my stride
  • I ensure I have art time to keep me balanced
  • I make time for Tony and I so we stay happy

Using HIM lyrics

I’ve been listening to music while playing in my art journal so I guess it was inevitable the lyrics would appear in my journaling. This is from the HIM album “Digital Venus Doom”, and the song is “In joy and sorrow”. Writer and lead singer Ville Vallo’s songs probably seem quite dark at first glance but they have always spoken to me of the redemption love brings.

tony journal 2015-12-13.jpg

Arty crafty gifts

I got some lovely arty crafty gifts for my birthday, including some gorgeous metallic paints, a fabulous set of adult colouring in postcards and a Tim Holtz craft spinner for my inkers. Lucky me 🙂

btw – yes, I know the craft sheet on my desk is ridiculously stained and mangled looking … imagine what my hands and clothes look like!