I hate preparing food

I hate preparing food. Domestic goddess I am not. Talking to the psychologist at weightlosssurgery it became clear I have a serious mental block about. She identified the ongoing food prep needed as probably the hardest challenge for me post-surgery.

I have been on the strict pre-op diet since last Monday. I have prepared and cooked veges and a small portion of meat every night. No cheating. Tony and I are both eating way better as a result. No salmon sandwich nights, no takeaways, no meat and bread…

Am I enjoying it? No. But there are a lot of things in life we have to do that aren’t really fun, so I am doing what I say to others to do sometimes – suck it up, sunshine!


Making a dramatic change

I have talked about this a bit on Twitter and Facebook but have yet to blog it except for references in my art journals. I have been overweight all my adult life. I realised, after a Twitter conversation with Dr Robyn Toomath and some extra research, that I could never fix this on my own. My new Doctor agreed, and suggested I apply to withdraw my KiwiSaver money on health grounds, to pay for the surgery. She wrote a letter of support and Civic Assurance paid with no hassles. I contacted weightlosssurgery and began the process, choosing to go to the Wellington branch.

I started the process in May and have surgery on Friday 2 September. I’m only in hospital two nights and will have two weeks off work while I learn to eat well enough to be at work. Currently I am on the very strict pre-op diet, as I need to lose 10kg in 3 weeks pre-surgery in order to reduce the fat round my liver so they can easily shift it out of the way! I started the diet a wee bit early because I felt the need to just keep going on the journey and have lost 5.3kg in 9 days, so with 16 days to go should lose more than that.

I’ve opted for an RYG Bypass for a number of reasons, including long term effects, total weight loss and the fact it makes you feel sick if you eat the wrong thing (conditioning).

The Bariatric Nurse expects, including pre-op, I will lose 38kg in 4 months and 56kg in a year. We’re aiming for an overall weight loss of 60kg roughly. I’m mainly excited, a bit nervous – and keen to move to the post-surgery stage.

I will blog about it for those who want to follow the j0urney. Please only comment if you have something positive to say – thank you!